As depression and trauma is part of our daily bread, I do my best to keep up to date on these two topics.

Depression I. Uncomfortable facts:

A. Medication & Genetics I have procrastinated writing about depression. It is such a monumental field: How do I cover this vast field in a few short essays? Here is […]

Depression in Children

Writing on suicide, I have to write something on depression… Depression is the common cold of the therapy room… a densely entangled ball of wool. There exists after all, a […]

On Depression and Anxiety

Part two: Loss of Power and Depression A woman comes to see me. She comes because of high anxiety that is threatening her daily existence. No longer able to make […]

Loss of Power & Depression

By definition, depression is about the loss of power. Somehow power has seeped out of your veins. Which is why you just want to lie down. Go to sleep. Give […]

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